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Babyproofing the world… one nursery at a time

The moment your baby is born, you want to give them the best of everything. A loving family, a fine upbringing and above all, protection from all of the unhealthy elements in the world. In answering the most basic parental instinct, you would dedicate countless amounts of your time, effort and energy into keeping them healthy, happy and safe.

We at Youji&Me feel the same.

Who We Are

Just like you, we are parents ourselves. Before we decide on products for our own young children, we spend a lot of time in research, reading reviews and following the latest news reports. We have tried and tested numerous products and brands -- all of which our own children use and have used. Over the years, we have learned to separate the chaff from the grain, sifting through the good products and the bad. What we bring to you is the wealth of our experience and the truthful reality of our actual product-testing. And so, you can rest assured that as much as we want the best for our own children, we have the same dedication to yours.

In an ever-changing world, where new environmental and potential threats arise, we continue to research and test everything we sell. Moreover, in looking towards the future, we continually search for newer and better products for innovative and forward-thinking parents like you.

Why We Are

What makes our company unique is that our enterprise was borne out of love. Specifically, the love of parents who only want the best for their kids.

Our mission is to bring to you products that are the cream of the crop, chosen and tested from the vast variety of brands in the market today. We have made certain that every product of Youji&Me will help you make the most intelligent choices in your quest to be the most efficient parent and caregiver that you can be.

Because from our family to your family. Youji&Me.

We’re in this together.